Music Nomad MN312 Hone Guitar Hygrometer


Guitar Hygrometer with LCD and Clip-on Design

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Cutting-edge Guitar Hygrometer

From sharp fret ends to cracks in your acoustic guitar’s top, low humidity can be devastating to instruments of all kinds. If you’re looking to ensure that your guitar is always kept in the most optimal environment possible, there are few better ways to do it than with the MusicNomad Hone guitar hygrometer! Specially built for guitars and other stringed instruments, this hygrometer clips directly to your strings, providing an exceptionally accurate reading of the air directly around your guitar. Every 20 seconds, the Hone produces a clear temperature and humidity reading on the LCD, letting you know whether you need to humidify, dehumidify, or simply leave your instrument as-is. While case humidifiers are a standard part of any City Music guitarist’s toolbox, the Hone provides an unprecedented amount of insight, allowing you to fully optimize your instrument’s environment and keep it in top shape.


MusicNomad Hone Guitar Hygrometer Features:

  • Highly accurate hygrometer that’s purpose built for instruments
  • Clips directly onto your strings to stay secure and provide an accurate reading, telling you whether you need to humidify or dehumidify
  • Monitors your instrument’s environment, providing you detailed readings on the LCD every 20 seconds
  • Displays the maximum and minimum humidity range over a set period of time
  • Helpful features such as a reminder to humidify, temperate safe zone, and both Fahrenheit or Celsius reading


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