Zoom R4 MultiTrak SD Recorder and USB Audio Interface


4-track Digital Recorder and 2-in/2-out Audio Interface with Built-in Mic, 32-bit Float Recording, 2 XLR/TS Combo Input, 4 Track Faders, microSD Slot, USB-C Port, Per-track 3-band EQ, Preamps, 80+ Drum Patterns, and FX

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Capture Your Creativity from Anywhere

From field recordings in the untamed wilds of the world to pro-grade multichannel mixers powering arena performances, Zoom’s recording and audio processing technology has proven time and time again to be a reliable, rock-solid choice for capturing your sound. The R4 MultiTrak SD Recorder and USB Audio Interface refines the company’s multitudes of expertise to empower musicians looking to explore new, inspiring sonic terrains. Its ergonomic and portability-minded profile comprises a dense suite of creative and recording tools, including preamps, effects, amp simulations, per-track EQs, a built-in microphone, and more than 80 genre-spanning drum patterns. Recording pros at City Music especially appreciate the R4’s 32-bit float recording, ensuring high-quality capture sans the worry of clipping or gain management. Moreover, the innovative “Bounce Track” feature expands its 4-track architecture by allowing you to successively build a master track as you go. Plus, its USB-C connectivity and dual XLR/TS combo inputs make this a formidable audio interface for any flavor of guitars, keyboards, microphones, and more, in the studio or out in the wild.



Minimal footprint, maximum sound design

Each of the recorder’s four tracks features an accompanying fader, letting you get hands-on with your audio management. The R4’s streamlined interface includes dedicated transport controls and sound-shaping tools, including panning, reverbs, echoes, and 3-band EQs for each track. Aural textures don’t stop there, however, as effects can be uniquely applied during recording when using the A input, with amp simulations, preamps, distortions, delays, and plenty more to ensure you’re preserving the artistic integrity of your ideas. One of the R4 MultiTrak’s most powerful features is the Bounce tool. With this, you can create and undo bounced audio of your 4-track recordings. Treat them like a project file you’d call up with a DAW: these can be saved and recalled later or preloaded onto the microSD card (not included), allowing you to build something with far more than just four tracks.

Much more than a simple demo

Using Zoom’s 32-bit float recording technology, you’ll never have to worry about clipping or gain adjustments — clear audio is a must, and Zoom agrees. Its pair of XLR/TS combo jacks can be used with time-tested Zoom preamps to accommodate nearly any instrument, including guitars, keyboards, and microphones. You can make a quick reference or capture lighter audio, like vocals or acoustic guitar, with the robust built-in mic. Moreover, the USB-C connectivity lets you use the R4 as a true USB audio interface that can be paired with your smart device or computer for expanded ideation. If drums are needed, then you’re not out of luck! The R4 comes preloaded with more than 80 drum grooves across numerous styles, including funk, rock, metal, hip-hop, and more.

Zoom R4 MultiTrak SD Recorder and USB Audio Interface Features:

  • Ergonomic profile prioritizes portability without compromising recording quality or creative tools
  • 32-bit float recording technology ensures high-fidelity audio capture without worry for audio clipping, eschewing the need for gain-management
  • Variable power options include USB-C bus power or four AA batteries to accommodate any number of recording, composition, or demo configurations
  • Physical track faders allow you to get hands-on with mixing your sound
  • Streamlined interfacing includes flexible input management, direct access to creative supplements, and dedicated transport controls for painless ideation
  • Onboard microSD slot accommodates memory cards up to 1TB in size for ample recording and project management (card not included)
  • Bounce tool lets you build tracks and add layers as you go, with an Undo feature to provide flexibility in sonic creation that transcends the 4-track limit
  • 2 XLR/TS combo inputs can be used for guitars, keyboards, microphones, and any other instrument you need to record
  • Built-in microphone is perfect for reference tracks, acoustic guitars, vocals, and more
  • Rhythm section provides more than 80 drum patterns across numerous styles, in addition to a metronome, for comprehensive ideation and sonic sketching
  • Track effects include dedicated 3-band EQ, echo, pan, and reverbs for detailed mix control
  • Input effects like amp simulations, delays, preamps, distortions, and more empower creative modifications while recording and refining
  • Combo inputs can be used in conjunction with USB-C port and smart device or laptop to allow the R4 to function as a 2-in/2-out audio interface
  • Stereo 3.5mm headphone output and dedicated volume control provide full monitoring in any setting
  • Vivid 2-inch color LCD screen, tripod mount, and non-skid rubber feet ensure comprehensive support of your recording processes in any environment
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Dimensions 23.00 × 15.00 × 5.00 cm


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