Zoom H6essential Handheld Recorder


32-bit/96kHz Handheld Recorder and 4×2 USB Audio Interface with Onboard XY Stereo Microphones, 4 x XLR/TRS Inputs, 6 Simultaneous Recording Tracks, Quiet Controls, Waveform Display, Bluetooth Control, Built-in Speaker, and Full-color LCD

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Zoom’s Flagship of Portable Recording Power

Filmmakers, content creators, and like-minded audiophiles at City Music are raving about the H6essential, Zoom’s top-tier iteration of their legendary Hessential portable recorder lineup. Featuring up to six recording and playback tracks, 4-count combo input interfacing, and an updated LCD, the H6essential offers more than what most contemporary recorders bring to the table. Enhanced features include expanded memory card compatibility for higher workload handling, several hours of onboard battery life, and quiet operation controls — to name just a few. There’s also a brand new Accessibility Mode, where a screen reader assists visually impaired creators with menu navigation. Zoom’s collection of portable recording gear has been a longtime favorite among content creators at City Music. With the introduction of the H6essential, that tradition won’t be replaced anytime soon.

Crystal-clear 32-bit float recording

Transparent 32-bit float recording has become a standard of Zoom’s portable recorder models. Along with its iconic X/Y stereo microphone design, the H6essential retains nothing less than crystalline audio quality, making the unit perfect for content creation, filmmaking, field recording, instrument capture, and more — all while keeping your audio levels balanced for less work later on. Plus, thanks to Zoom’s next-generation 3.0 capsule system, the H6essential gives you more options to use the right mic for your recordings.

Six tracks for limitless ways to record

Limiting yourself to one track means you’ll be recording take after take. Zoom has curbed this issue by outfitting the H6essential with six simultaneous recording and playback tracks. Combined with the recorder’s dual combo inputs and modern X/Y microphones, you’ll be given endless ways to record the perfect take in one go.

Quiet operation controls and LCD interface display

The H6essential’s full-color LCD makes surfing the recorder’s entire feature catalog a breeze. To add to the pot, quiet operation recording and rotary controls, including transport buttons and an on-side volume knob, make it possible to navigate your workflow with a single hand, providing excellent field utility. Additionally, onboard microphone and track controls present an easy way to navigate dual-device recording in your workflow, with a visual representation available on-screen for immediate monitoring. Likewise, a built-in mixer is available should you need to adjust the levels of your inputs. The H6essential also accommodates visually impaired creators. It has built-in accessibility tools that provide audible menu descriptions in seven languages.

Combo-input audio interfacing

As if its recording power alone weren’t enough, Zoom equipped the H6essential with an extensive I/O for professional and portable audio interfacing. For starters, the recorder’s six onboard XLR/TRS combo inputs provide connectivity for several instruments and microphones. Likewise, a mic/line in offers an easy way to include an external auxiliary input into the mix. To top it all off, monitoring your project is as easy as it gets: simply connect your external headphones or utilize the recorder’s built-in speaker to play your recordings for the entire room.

Receptive to modern-day setups

The H6essential is equipped to integrate into nearly any contemporary recording or filming setup. The recorder is lavalier-ready with an available 3.5mm mic/line input, ensuring professional-grade vocal capture. Likewise, a 3.5mm output provides compatibility with most modern camera models for lifelike complimentary sound. Topped off with the ability to function as a fully-featured USB microphone, there’s no creation session that the H6essential can’t handle.

Store your entire workload via SDXC and SDHC card support

The H6essential accommodates microSDXC (64GB-1TB) and microSDHC (4GB-32GB) cards for efficient storage capacity in any recording situation. With a whopping maximum capacity of one 1TB, you’ll spend less time swapping out your equipment and more time focusing on your content.

Zoom H6essential Portable Recorder Features:

  • Portable audio recorder and audio interface for content creation, filmmaking, musical projects, and more
  • Onboard 32-bit float recording with simultaneous streaming support for balanced, high-quality sound in any studio or off-site setting
  • Dual A/D converters for a huge sonic range
  • X/Y stereo microphones capable of capturing crystal-clear audio up to 135 dB SPL
  • 6 simultaneous recording and playback tracks
  • 3.5mm output accommodates most modern cameras and plug-in monitoring headphones — perfect for filmmaking and content creation scenarios
  • 4 x XLR/TRS combo inputs with clean preamps and phantom power support — great for performances and studio recording
  • Quiet operation recording and rotary controls offer seamless navigation of the recorder’s features
  • Bluetooth iOS connectivity and time-code sync
  • Optional “mono mode” for impromptu conversations and instrument recording
  • Easy-to-read, full-color LCD
  • Built-in mixer mode for convenient level adjustments
  • Functions as a USB microphone via the onboard USB-C port connection
  • Built-in mono speaker for on-the-spot recording reference
  • Lavalier compatible 3.5mm mic/line input for professional-grade dialogue capture
  • Compact form factor fares well in several studios and on-site recording locations
  • Accommodates microSDXC cards up to 1 TB and microSDHC cards up to 32 GB
  • Accessibility mode provides audible feedback in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Italian, and Chinese
  • Powered via 4 AA batteries or AC adapter (not included)
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