Zoom F6 Multi Track Field Recorder


Zoom’s ‘F6’ features all the modes, resolutions and media support to tackle your important audio projects.

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Forget all about digital clipping and focus your concentration on the shot in hand with Zoom’s spectacular ‘F6’, a small-form, multitrack field recorder with 32-bit float technology for distortion-less dynamic range, and a maximum of 14 tracks of simultaneous tracking for professional and hobbyist applications in the studio and in the field. Slip it in to a sound bag, pack it in to your rucksack or mount it to a camera; Zoom’s ‘F6’ is packing an array of handy features and technical prowess inside a tough housing that’s ready to go, whenever, and wherever you the shot takes you.

From the vibrant, wide colour display and intuitive controls, to the versatile power options and accurate timecode functionality, Zoom’s ‘F6’ is fully equipped to service both beginners and veterans alike. If you need an extended stereo recording for interview purposes, redundant capture of multi-mic setups for a music video shoot, or ‘Ambisonics’ sound files for VR purposes, Zoom’s ‘F6’ features all the modes, resolutions and media support to tackle your important audio projects.

Lastly, the sheer versatility on display here means that your ‘F6’ will smoothen your workflow, whether it’s simple, complex or ever-changing. You can shoot with confidence using it as your primary recorder, a USB interface for your dedicated workstation, or even a backup for piece of mind.

Note: Free PCF-6 x 1

– Audio Interface 6 x 14 Multitrack SD Recorder/Interface
– A/D Resolution 24-bit/192kHz (fixed), 32-bit (float)
– Simultaneous Rec Tracks 6 (WAV), 2 (MP3)
– Analogue Inputs 6 x XLR (mic/line)
– Analogue Outputs 1 x 1/8 (line out)

Weight 1.40 kg
Dimensions 26.00 × 20.00 × 14.00 cm


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