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1 x 8″ Guitar Cabinet

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Vox Black Cab series


Speaker Cabinet

Sound, structure, and design – the Black Cab series redefines the speaker cabinet.

As the final component of your rig, the speaker cabinet has a considerable impact on your guitar sound. Having a high quality, well-designed cabinet that pairs well with your amplifier of choice is a crucial consideration and can drastically improve your tone.

Based on VOX’s unique design philosophy, the Black Cab series delivers unprecedented flexibility and sound quality. The cabinet structure has been meticulously considered in every detail, including carefully selected speaker, and a simple design in basic black. With the Black Cab series, you can take full advantage of your guitar amp head’s potential and perform with the best sound.

• Speaker cabinets that can be used anywhere and with any guitar head
• Speaker and cabinet structure that enhances low-frequencies
• Jacks provided to allow parallel connection
• BC108 is designed specifically for the MV50 to provide sound that exceeds its size


Speaker cabinets that can be used anywhere with any guitar head

The compact BC108 features a single 8-inch speaker, and is intended for uses such as personal practice.

Lightweight and compact, you can easily carry it wherever you need. It is a great choice for taking to your rehearsal studio or to a small live performance venue.

The BC112 is intended for a somewhat larger space, and contains a single 12-inch speaker. It is ideal for a mid-sized or larger studio, or a live performance venue. Of course, it would also be a great choice for your own private room.


Speaker and cabinet structure that enhances low-frequencies

For the BC108, we selected an 8-inch speaker to keep the cabinet light and portable. The speaker cabinet is also more compact, but we have fundamentally re-thought the entire design to ensure that low-frequency response remains excellent. One of the elements that determines the limit of low-frequency reproduction is F-zero (f0: the lowest resonant frequency), so we are utilizing a newly developed speaker that lowers this as far as possible; the result is a speaker that, in spite of its small size, can deliver ample low-frequency sound.

In order to take full advantage of the lows from this speaker, we newly designed a cabinet with a unique semi-open-back structure. While compact and light-weight, the cabinet has plenty of volume and delivers a rich and well-rounded low-frequency range.

For the BC112 we chose a Celestion V-type 12-inch speaker for a step up in sound quality. It provides a well-balanced sound from the low to the high ranges, and retains the rich mid-range sound that you expect from VOX. And by mounting this speaker from the front, we’ve made the sound clearer and allowed it to disperse over a wider range.

Additionally, the semi-open-back structure with an oval port ensures tight low-frequency sound that retains a sense of quality. The result is an overall “forward-projecting” sound.


Jacks provided to allow parallel connection

Two of these speaker cabinets can be connected in parallel. A single unit allows up to 25W@8Ω output, and connecting two units allows up to 50W@4Ω output for even greater volume. You might use one cabinet for everyday practicing, and take along two cabinets for rehearsal or live performance, connecting them in parallel when you need to play with more volume.


Use with the MV50 for sound output that exceeds their class

The ideal companion for the BC108 is the MV50 amp head. This amp head matches the size of these cabinets, and provides an EQ switch that can compensate the lows or restrain the highs. This combination gives you sound that takes full advantage of the speaker cabinet’s characteristics without impairing the MV50’s capabilities. Using the MV50 with two BC108 units connected in parallel will maximize the potential of its sound.

The lineup also includes three packages that combine the BC108 and the MV50: “MV50 Clean Set,” “MV50 AC Set,” and “MV50 Rock Set.” No other amps can compare to the sound of these small stacks.


Speaker 1 x 8" VOX original 8ohm

Input Jack 2 x Input jack

Max Input 25Wrms

Dimensions (W x D x H)
260 x 200 x 285 mm/10.24" x 7.87" x 11.22"

Weight 3.9 kg/8.60 lbs.

Included Items Speaker cable



Speaker 1 x 12" Celestion V-type 12" 8 ohm

Input Jack 2 x Input jack

Max Input 70Wrms

Dimensions (W x D x H)
520 x 260 x 445 mm/20.47" x 10.24" x 17.52"

Weight 13.6 kg/29.98 lbs.

Included Items Speaker cable

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Weight 4.65 kg
Dimensions 31.30 × 25.00 × 33.60 cm


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