Poetry Chopin-inspired 88-key Digital Piano


Free Piano Bench, 88-key Digital Piano with 30 Sounds, 60 Demo Songs, RH3 Keyboard, Split/Layer Functionality, Bluetooth, MIDI I/O, and Built-in Speakers

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Inspired by Timeless Composer Frederic Chopin

Korg created something beyond City Music pianists’ wildest imagination with the Korg Poetry 88-key digital piano. This digital piano caters to classical music enthusiasts — specifically Frederic Chopin lovers! You can waltz through the 30 total sounds of the Poetry, including two unique piano sounds: Chopin’s cherished 1843 Pleyel and the Italian piano featured in the 2021 International Chopin Piano Competition. Keeping the same control panel and RH3 hammer action keybed as the Korg C1 Air, the Poetry nevertheless improves upon that model with a more classically elegant appearance and Chopin-inspired features. The Poetry includes demos of 50 Chopin pieces, 10 extra demo songs, and 25 pieces of Chopin sheet music for musical study, making it the definitive digital piano for Chopin enthusiasts and serious students of classical music!


A digital homage to a master of the instrument

The engineers and designers at Korg knew the paramount quality of a Chopin-inspired digital piano would be its sounds. And we can’t sing the praises of the Poetry digital piano’s two unique piano sounds enough — making for 30 sounds in total. On the one hand, there’s the gorgeous voice and historical significance of the 1843 Pleyel concert grand. On the other hand, there’s the magnificent power and balance of the Italian grand piano featured in the 2021 International Chopin Piano Competition. These two distinct pianos were sampled to the utmost nuance, and their delicacy and power are reflected in the acoustic-like quality of the Korg RH3 hammer action keybed. These factors make the Poetry the perfect digital piano for those studying classical music! In fact, you’ll also benefit from superior sound quality thanks to the two 25-watt speakers imbued with Acoustage Bass technology for powerful and resonant sound.

Acoustic piano feel from RH3 keybed

Korg understands that classical players need the utmost precision from their instruments, and that’s why they put the RH3 (real weighted hammer action 3) keybed in the Chopin-inspired Poetry. This ensures a realistic performance with all the subtleties of an acoustic piano. That means the RH3 keyboard is heavier in the lower-register keys and lighter in the higher-register. Quickly repeated notes are registered and reproduced with efficient velocity, and even on the most complicated passages, your playing dynamics will be faithfully conveyed. The Poetry also lets users further control the keyboard with selectable sensitivity levels.

Modern features for modern performance

Though the included sound of the 1843 Pleyel harkens back to Chopin’s day and age, you’ll benefit from the Poetry’s modern features! These enhancements include Bluetooth, MIDI in/out, and built-in speakers. With the Poetry’s Bluetooth connectivity, you can play tracks wirelessly for practice or play along with recorded music for live performance. When not playing the Poetry, you can even connect your mobile device merely to experience high-quality playback of your favorite music.

Korg Poetry 88-key Digital Piano Features:

  • A digital piano inspired by classical composer Frederic Chopin
  • Includes two unique piano voices: Chopin’s cherished 1843 Pleyel and the Italian piano featured in the 2021 International Chopin Piano Competition
  • 30 superb sounds in total
  • Gorgeous wood grain finish, gold accents, and curved wood legs
  • Includes performances of 50 famous Chopin pieces plus 10 extra demo songs
  • Comes with 25 pieces of Chopin sheet music
  • 120 voices of polyphony eliminate note stealing
  • High-quality, real-feel RH3 keyboard provides a true acoustic piano playing experience
  • Keyboard split and layer functionality
  • Bluetooth audio receiver for convenient practice, performance, or listening enjoyment
  • 2 x 25-watt speakers with Acoustage Bass technology for exceptional sound quality
  • MIDI I/O for easy recording
  • Damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals


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