Music Nomad MN822 – Precision Fret Rocker


Precision Fret Rocker with 4 Straightedges, Action Gauge, Pickup Height Gauge, Measurement Tables, and Hang Hole

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Ultra-precise Fret Rocker and Comprehensive Action Gauge

Quickly diagnose uneven frets, action height, and pickup height with the multi-purpose MN822 Precision Fret Rocker from MusicNomad! This stainless-steel 0.07-inch rocker boasts five ultra-flat sides with four straightedge lengths, enabling the Precision Fret Rocker to perfectly span 3-fret increments anywhere on the fingerboard. How does it work? By laying the Precision Fret Rocker across any three frets, you can easily check to see if the middle of the three frets is high, as a proud middle fret will lift the center of the rocker up like a seesaw, rocking up and down onto the first and third frets of the span. Moreover, the MN822 also sports a wealth of valuable information and measuring rules printed on both sides, including fraction/decimal/millimeter conversions, recommended measurements, an action gauge, and a pickup height gauge. Whether you’re performing occasional personal setups or running a full-scale repair shop, MusicNomad’s MN822 Precision Fret Rocker is a must-have addition to any tech’s toolbox.

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