Music Nomad MN805 Fret Shield Fretboard Protector Guard – 34-inch Bass Guitar


Fretboard Protector Guard with Stainless Steel Construction, Hang Hole, and Drop-down Edges

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No More Masking Tape!

Speed up your fret polishing with MusicNomad’s Fret Shield Fretboard Protector Guard! While fret polish jobs have traditionally necessitated taping off the fretboard to preserve the wood and finish underneath, this precision-manufactured .008-inch stainless steel guard can be instantly placed onto the fingerboard to both save time and offer superior protection. Set the shield atop your fingerboard, secure the drop-down edges with the included rubber bands (which conveniently conform the shield to your instrument’s respective radius), and perfectly polish your fingerboard. Moreover, the Fret Shield Fretboard Protector Guard stands up to hundreds of polishing jobs with all manner of tools, including power buffing wheels, power polishing pads, or simply good old sandpaper and steel wool. Whether you’re a pro looking to streamline your fretwork or merely looking for a safe, easy polishing solution, MusicNomad Fret Shield Fretboard Protectors ensure an effortless polish job with the utmost protection

Save time, money, and effort

Tired of taping down your fingerboard every time your frets feel a bit grungy? The MusicNomad Fret Shield Fretboard Protector Guard completely negates the time-consuming process of masking off your instrument’s fingerboard for a fret polish, saving time for both pros and amateurs alike. Plus, while removing the need for tape certainly saves time and money, it also protects especially fragile fingerboard finishes that can be potentially damaged or pulled up by adhesive tape.

Keep your fingerboard in top shape

The MusicNomad Fret Shield Fretboard Protector Guard boasts a .008-inch stainless steel construction that’s thin enough for you to reach the entire height of the fret when polishing. At the same time, it provides superior protection for your fingerboard’s delicate wood, finish, and inlays. Moreover, this shield’s formed drop-down edges and included rubber bands allow it to fit any fingerboard securely, and it flexes just enough to conform to your instrument’s respective radius. Finally, MusicNomad Fret Shields are designed to accept various fret sizes and string configurations, from 4-strings with vintage-style narrow frets to modern jumbo fret-equipped 5-string basses.

MusicNomad Fret Shield Fretboard Protector Guard Features:

  • Top-quality fingerboard shield designed for both 34-inch-scale bass guitars with up to 24 frets
  • Compatible with both 4- and 5-string bass guitars
  • Allows you to polish your frets without having to tape off your fingerboard
  • .008-inch stainless steel construction lasts hundreds of polish jobs and has been thoroughly tested with power buffing wheels, power polishing pads, and more
  • Precision-manufactured surface is free from any burrs or edges, with an exceptionally smooth finish
  • Thin design allows you to effortlessly reach from the base of the fret to the crown
  • Drop-down edges and included rubber bands firmly secure the shield to your fingerboard while also conforming the metal to your instrument’s radius
  • Can be used for frets sizes from vintage-style narrow frets up to jumbo
  • Comes in a variety of different sizes to fit your instrument’s scale length
  • Convenient hang hole for tool boards


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