Music Nomad MN676 16-piece Diamond Coated Nut File Complete Shop Set


16-piece Diamond-coated Nut File Set with Storage Case and Cleaning Brush

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Professional-grade Nut Files for Your Guitar Builds and Mods

At Ck Music, we’ve noticed a trend of guitarists taking a do-it-yourself approach to setting up, maintaining, and even building their own instruments — whether they’re putting together a Partscaster or starting with a body blank, some carefully selected hardware, and a dream! Our friends at MusicNomad are empowering guitarists with premium-quality tools at affordable prices to turn that dream into a reality. MusicNomad diamond-coated nut files help you tackle one of the more challenging guitar-building and maintenance tasks: filing your nut! Forget trying to carve string slots with the old nail file you found in the medicine cabinet. These professional-grade nut files feature a revolutionary string-shape blade design, and they cut and polish simultaneously, ensuring precision cuts that prevent strings from improperly seating at the nut, which can cause slipping or binding. The industrial-strength diamond coating ensures this nut file will work seamlessly for all the most common nut materials such as nylon, bone, graphite, and TUSQ — it even works amazingly on saddles. And the MusicNomad nut files feature a detachable ergonomic handle for added comfort and control. Great tools, like MusicNomad’s diamond-coated nut files, won’t turn you into a master luthier overnight, but they’re an excellent place to start! This set includes an organizational storage case that accommodates all 16 files, along with a convenient cleaning brush.

Sizes for everything from classical guitars to 5-string basses MusicNomad diamond-coated nut files come in 16 sizes to accommodate a wide range of string gauges. Sizes begin at .010 inches and move all the way up to .130 inches. No matter how customized your string sets are, you’ll be able to file the perfect nut slot to fit! Additionally, MusicNomad diamond-coated nut files are offered in 6-piece sets for common string-set configurations. Or, if you foresee many builds and mods in your future, you can cover all your bases with a complete set! MusicNomad Diamond Coated Nut Files Complete Set Features: Professional-grade nut files for DIY guitar builders and professional luthiers Revolutionary diamond coating and string-shape blade design ensure precision cuts Cut and polish simultaneously, creating smooth slots that prevent string binding and slipping Industrial-strength cutting surface works great for all the most common nut materials such as nylon, bone, graphite, and TUSQ; it even works amazing on saddles Includes detachable ergonomic handles for added comfort and control Complete set comes with 16 files: .010-inch, .013-inch, .017-inch, .020-inch, .024-inch, .028-inch, .032-inch, .036-inch, .042-inch, .046-inch, .050-inch, .056-inch, .065-inch, .085-inch, .105-inch, .130-inch Comes with an organizational storage case and convenient cleaning brush



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