Music Nomad MN667 – 6-piece Electric Guitar Diamond Coated Nut File Set – Super Light Strings


6-Piece Diamond-coated Nut File Set

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Professional-grade Nut Files for Your Guitar Builds and Mods

At City Music, we’ve noticed a trend of guitarists taking a do-it-yourself approach to setting up, maintaining, and even building their own instruments — whether they’re putting together a Partscaster or starting with a body blank, some carefully selected hardware, and a dream! And, the folks at MusicNomad are empowering guitarists with premium-quality tools at affordable prices to turn that dream into a reality. The MusicNomad diamond-coated nut files help you to tackle one of the more challenging guitar-building and maintenance tasks — filing your nut! Forget trying to carve string slots with the old nail file you found in the medicine cabinet. These professional-grade nut files feature a revolutionary string-shape blade design, and they cut and polish simultaneously, ensuring precision cuts that prevent strings from improperly seating at the nut, which can cause slipping or binding. The industrial-strength diamond coating ensures this nut file will work great for all the most common nut materials such as nylon, bone, graphite, and TUSQ — it even works amazing on saddles. And, the MusicNomad nut files feature a detachable ergonomic handle for added comfort and control. Great tools, like MusicNomad’s diamond-coated nut files, won’t turn you into a master luthier — but they’re an excellent place to start!


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