Mackie ShowBox All-in-one Performance Rig

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6-channel All-in-one Portable PA System with Breakaway Controller, AutoMix, Mix Agent, 3-band EQ, and DSP

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Perfect for Any Live Performance

Live performers searching for a supremely capable battery-powered PA system will fall in love with the Mackie ShowBox. City Music can confirm that it lives up to its billing as an all-in-one performance rig. The speaker is both a seriously capable PA speaker and a sensational guitar amplifier. It has an onboard 6-channel mixer with four Onyx80 preamps and inputs for line-level sources. Speaking of the mixer, you don’t have to be behind the PA to make level tweaks. The Mix Agent and AutoMix functionality automatically monitor levels and make sure all performers are heard loud and clear. And if you need to tweak an EQ, the breakaway mixer makes it happen in a flash from anywhere onstage. We’re just scratching the surface of this PA’s capabilities. Read on to discover how the ShowBox can change the way you perform.



A veritable Jack of all trades

Mackie designed the ShowBox to tackle any performance. Its four Onyx80 mic preamps and line-level inputs offer enough connectivity to be a portable PA for small groups and solo artists. You can even use it as an acoustic guitar amplifier for busking. The onboard 6-channel mixer offers both PA and amp voicings to shape your sound for either application. Plus, the effects rack tailors your sound even further. Finally, the ShowBox has a built-in USB-C interface to record and stream performances directly to your computer.

Convenient performance tools

Getting a Mackie ShowBox up and running is extremely easy. It comes with Mackie’s well-loved Mix Agent tool, which walks you through the setup process to get a good sound immediately. Plus, the AutoMix feature automatically manages the gain levels for up to four microphones. Best of all, the ShowBox comes with a breakaway controller you can mount to a microphone stand. With the breakaway controller, you get hands-on control over almost every parameter without having to go back to the PA and make the tweaks. The controller includes knobs for input levels, effects and EQ, the looper, the onboard tuner, and more.

Connects to your smartphone or computer

Nearly every performer has a smartphone. And the ShowBox’s onboard Bluetooth allows you to stream backing tracks or intermission music directly from the smartphone in your pocket. Want to record your upcoming gig? No problem. The ShowBox makes it happen in two ways. First, the microSD card slot offers onboard recording. Second, you can plug your computer into the USB-C port and record straight into your DAW. The included USB-C port even gives you the ability to livestream your performance via a compatible streaming computer.

Mackie ShowBox All-in-one Performance Rig Features:

  • 400-watt multi-purpose PA system for mobile performers
  • 6-channel mixer handles mics, guitars, and more
  • Includes a 3-band EQ and single-knob compression on each channel, plus a tuner and looper
  • Breakaway controller lets you adjust your sound on the fly
  • Switchable PA and Amp voicing modes tailor the response of the speaker
  • 4 Onyx80 mic pres offer crisp, clear amplification for microphones
  • AutoMix helps you get set up in a flash
  • Mix Agent automatically manages gain for up to 4 microphones
  • microSD card slot and USB connectivity allow you to record your set however you want
  • Bluetooth connectivity for streaming backing tracks
  • Provides up to 12 hours of battery life
Weight 11.80 kg
Dimensions 31.00 × 35.00 × 62.00 cm


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