Korg Modwave MKII Wavetable Synthesizer


37-key Wavetable Synthesizer with 60-voice Polyphony, Pitch/Mod Wheel, Kaoss Physics X/Y Pad, 2 Wavetable Oscillators, A/B Osc Blend, 13 Morph Types, Motion Sequencing 2.0, Velocity Sensitivity, 5-pin DIN MIDI I/O, USB-B, FX, 4-band EQ, and Bundled Software

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Modwave MKII: Wavetable Synthesis Redux

In 1985, Korg introduced the world to the DW-8000, a groundbreaking synthesizer that merged digital wavetables and rich analog filters to give players access to a new universe of synthesized sounds. Korg’s Modwave MKII continues the DW-8000’s storied legacy while representing a new evolution in wavetable synthesis. Comprising a vast collection of wavetable oscillators, a dozen gorgeous stereo filters, a humongous PCM sample library, and a host of modulators, the Modwave MKII launches you into a deep and immersive world of exploratory sound design. Yet, with its compact 37-key keyboard and remarkably intuitive user interface, the Modwave is anything but overwhelming — it’s a fun and interactive synth that will appeal to seasoned and aspiring synthesists alike. Plus, synthesists at CK Music are ecstatic over the inclusion of a built-in KAOSS Pad, which facilitates incredibly expressive performances. Let your imagination soar and tap into new sonic dimensions with the Modwave MKII wavetable synthesizer from Korg!

Over 230 million wavetable variations

The Modwave MKII comes loaded with over 200 characterful wavetables, each with up to 64 waveforms, which, when combined with the modifier and morph features, allows for a staggering 230 million wavetable variations! If that’s not enough to satisfy your desire for unique tones, Modwave allows you to import wavetables from Xfer Record’s highly popular Serum advanced software wavetable synthesizer, as well as custom wavetables in WaveEdit format. But the fun doesn’t stop there! The Modwave MKII includes a multi-gigabyte PCM library for adding realism to patches with Korg’s impeccably recorded samples.

Shape your sounds with MS-20 and Polysix filters

While wavetable synthesis offers sonic possibilities far beyond typical subtractive synthesis, it’s hard to beat the creative potential of a good filter. So, Korg threw in more than a dozen rich onboard options. The Modwave MKII synthesizer packs lowpass and highpass filters modeled after those found on the classic MS-20 synthesizer, as well as a lowpass filter model based on the Polysix synthesizer. You’ll also find an array of 2- and 4-pole lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and band-reject filters. And, of course, you’re also supplied with Korg’s beloved multimode filter, which can morph and modulate between multiple filter modes.

KAOSS Physics returns for hands-on expression

When it first hit the market in 1999, Korg’s KAOSS Pad was a deliciously disruptive piece of technology, giving users unprecedented hands-on control to sample, mangle, and alter any sound source. Famously used by musical experimentalists such as Brian Eno, Radiohead, and Muse, the KAOSS Pad encouraged expressive interaction with its powerful set of audio manipulation tools. Not only does the Modwave MKII feature the renowned KAOSS X/Y touchpad, but it also introduces KAOSS Physics, which models the behavior of a bouncing ball for randomized parameter automation. Customize the environment to which the ball responds by defining the shape of its slopes, adjusting the surface friction, and choosing between padded or hard walls; or remove the walls entirely, so that the surface wraps around to the opposite edges like a vintage arcade game. Go even further by manipulating the KAOSS Physics parameters with any of the Modwave MKII’s dozens of modulation sources or even with the KAOSS Physics outputs themselves!

Motion Sequencing 2.0 animates your playing experience

An evolution of the Korg wavestate’s Wave Sequencing 2.0, Motion Sequencing 2.0 brings incredible dynamism and animation to your patches and step sequences. Motion Sequencing 2.0 allows you to manipulate sample sequence, timing, and pitch independently to create complex, evolving patches with a nonlinear vibe. Each of these parameters (and many more) is assigned its own “Lane,” and each Lane can have a different number of steps, with control over their start, end, and loop points. Lanes can even randomize their step order every time they are played, yielding a completely unpredictable and nonlinear playing experience.

Onboard FX elevate your sounds to stratospheric heights

Your patches will ascend to stratospheric heights with the Modwave MKII’s massive collection of built-in effects. Starting with Pre FX — including the Decimator bit crusher and sample reducer, studio-quality EQ and compression, along with ring modulation, tremolo, and a waveshaper — you can transform your raw sounds before further manipulating them with any of Modwave’s stunning Mod FX. Then, cap it off with one of five stereo delays, a master reverb, and a 4-band parametric master EQ. Dreamy and dramatic, gritty and glitchy, polished and clean: with the Modwave MKII’s high-quality effects, you have infinite atmospheric depths at your fingertips.

Ready for stage or studio

A pair of balanced line-level outputs ensures the Modwave MKII sounds fantastic even over long cable runs, and a headphone output is available for personal monitoring as well — perfect for late-night sound design sessions. DIN MIDI ports are present for connecting with other MIDI-compatible hardware, and class-compliant USB MIDI is available for integration with your computer. Speaking of which, we highly recommend downloading the free editor software from Korg — it’s the perfect way to manage your custom patches and much more.

Korg Modwave MKII Wavetable Synthesizer Features:

  • Loaded with over 200 characterful wavetables, each with up to 64 waveforms
  • Modifier and morph features allow for a staggering 230 million wavetable variations
  • 2-oscillator structure with 2-part multitimbrality and 60-voice polyphony nearly doubles the voicing of its predecessor
  • Includes modeled MS-20 lowpass/highpass filters, modeled Polysix lowpass filter, and Korg multimode filter
  • Plenty of modulation with 4 envelopes, 5 LFOs, and aftertouch
  • Extensive parameter controls include individual Motion Sequencing steps, which can yield up to 1,000 possible modulation destinations in a single Program
  • 4 programmable Mod knobs give you custom access to whatever parameters you’d like to tweak most often
  • Motion Sequencing 2.0 allows you to manipulate sample sequence, timing, and pitch independently to create complex, evolving patches with a nonlinear vibe
  • “Lanes” provide unique ways to manipulate pitch, sample duration, gate times, step sequencer values, and much more
  • Layer samples over wavetables from the included multi-gigabyte PCM library
  • 13 morph types for stretching, squeezing, and altering wavetables in real-time
  • Massive collection of built-in distortion, modulation, delay, and reverb effects
  • Ample hands-on control over practically all parameters
  • Built-in KAOSS Pad with KAOSS Physics encourages unprecedented interactivity
  • 37 full-size keys balance playability and portability; key zoning for splitting and layering sounds
  • Polyphonic legato, velocity sensitivity, exponential velocity, and release velocity ensure nuanced, expressive performances
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