Korg Kross 2 88 Keys Synthesizer Workstation in Matte BLack

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88 Keys Synthesizer Workstation 

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The definitive “do-everything” synth workstation, with a huge variety of sounds and a new matte black finish.

Keys, drums, sequences, sampling, and a performance powerhouse. The 88-key model of the all-in-one KROSS 2 synthesizer is now available in a “super matte black” rubberized finish. Packed with all the immediacy and huge sound of the KROSS 2, it features an additional expansion that adds all-new programs including a beautifully resonant acoustic piano.

Designed to be your main keyboard, Kross 2 features everything a performer needs, far exceeding its class in power and usability.

Rubberized matte black finish is sleek and uniquely durable

The KROSS 2-88-MB features a great-feeling rubberized finish in “super matte black,” simultaneously sleek and elegant, but also durable and comfortable.

Rich sounds powered by added PCM

A diverse array of more than 1,000 preset sounds has been supplemented by additional PCM with 128 new programs that include piano and electric piano, and also fulfill your needs for cutting-edge EDM with synth and drum sounds plus 27 drum track patterns.

Piano weight keybed for natural performance

The KROSS 2-88-MB features KORG’s NH (Natural Weighted Hammer Action) keybed. The NH keybed has a realistic and comfortable piano-style hammer, with a heavier feel in the lower register and a touch that becomes lighter as you move into the high register, allowing the subtle nuances of your fingertips to show through in your performance. This keybed is perfect for playing piano and electric piano sounds while being light and portable for bringing KROSS 2 to your gigs!


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Weight 17.70 kg
Dimensions 163.00 × 51.00 × 27.00 cm

88 keys NH (Natural weighted hammer action, no aftertouch) keyboard.
Normally A0–C8 (adjustable in the range [-A-1…C7]–[A1…C9])

User Combinations

896 Combinations (384 Preload)

User Programs

1280 Programs (768 + 128 Preload)

User Drum Kits

58 Drum Kits (42 + 5 Preload)

Preset Programs

265 Programs (256 GM2 Programs + 9 GM2 Drum Programs)

Total number of preload programs and preset programs

1,208 (943 preload programs, 265 preset programs)

Accessories (sold separately)

Keyboard stand : Standard-L-SV
Soft case : SC-KROSS 2 88/KROME 88


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