Korg AW-LT100B Tuner (AWLT100B / AW LT100B)


Clip on Tuner For Bass

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Korg AW-LT100B
Clip-On Tuner

Clip-type tuners featuring 100 hours of continuous operation, with dedicated models for guitar and bass.

• Long battery life; a single AAA battery provides 100 hours of operation.
• Even more lightweight than ever.

• The AW-LT100B is a dedicated model for bass, with response extending to the ultra-low pitch range.
• Bright color LCD ensures excellent visibility.
• Switch between three types of meter display mode.
• Supports ultra-high-precision tuning with an accuracy of ±0.1 cent.
• Easy operation with left/right shuttle switches.
• A clip mechanism with high holding power and flexibility.
• Calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup functions.


The AW-LT100B, a dedicated bass model that responds even to the ultra-low range

The AW-LT100B is designed specifically for bass. It uses a chromatic mode with dedicated circuitry that boosts the detection sensitivity in the ultra-low range below 100 Hz. The capability of this tuner is particularly apparent when tuning the 5-string or 6-string basses for which stable tuning has been difficult until now.


Bright color LCD

The VA-type color LCD display provides excellent visibility. With a high-brightness white backlight and a color LCD meter, you'll enjoy high contrast and a wide viewing angle, ensuring that the tuning status is always shown clearly.


Ultra-high-precision tuning with ±0.1 cent accuracy

When in strobe mode, the AW-LT100G / B allow ultra-high-precision tuning as accurately as ±0.1 cent. Whether you're performing for a recording that demands perfect tuning at all times, or on stage playing live, you'll be able to zero-in on minute pitch discrepancies, making these units an ideal choice for professional needs.


Three different meter display modes

You can choose from three different meter display modes to suit your style. In addition to the standard "regular" mode, these tuners also offer "strobe" and "half-strobe" modes that make it easy to visualize even slight pitch change by showing the direction and speed in which the meter flows.


Shuttle switch for simple operation

The AW-LT100G / B feature an easily understandable interface that can be intuitively operated with one hand. A triangular shuttle switch is placed at left and right, and simply by rotating it a click up or down, you can perform all operations smoothly and without stress, from turning the power on/off to switching the display mode or setting the calibration.


Clip mechanism provides flexibility and high holding power

The contact surface ratio of the clip has been increased to the maximum possible, ensuring high holding power. It will fit securely on guitar or bass headstocks of a variety of thicknesses. The double mechanism of a movable arm and a ball joint simultaneously provides both free angle adjustment and durability. You can position the tuner to suit your preference.


Calibration, auto power-off, and memory backup functions

With a calibration function that supports a variety of concert pitches, an auto power-off function, and a memory backup function, these units support your tuning needs in a variety of ways.



Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 8.30 × 6.70 × 3.00 cm

12 note equal temperament

Range (sine wave):

E0 (20.60 Hz)─C5 (523.3 Hz)


± 0.1 cent (Strobe mode)

Reference Pitch:

A4 = 436─445 Hz (1 Hz steps)

Display Modes:

Regular, Strobe, Half-strobe

Power Supply:

AAA battery x 1

Battery Life:

Approximately 100 hours (tuner continuously operating, A4 input, when using alkaline battery)


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