Hartke HD75 Bass Combo Amp



75 watts, 1X12″ inch bass amp combo

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Serious Tone.

The all-new HD75 Bass Combo packs Hartke’s patented HyDrive speaker technology into a sleek combo design capable of greatly enriching your low-end tone and with enough power to handle any rehearsal space or small performance venue. The HD75 also maintains Hartke’s commitment to producing high-quality bass amplification with exceptional durability.


The HyDrive Design

The HD75 (75 watts, 12″ driver, 1″ tweeter) employs Hartke’s patented HyDrive Speaker Technology that offers a carefully crafted hybrid (half paper, half aluminum) cone bass speaker. By combining the warmth and roundness of paper with the punch and attack of aluminum, the HyDrive design produces serious tone that is ideal for bass players of all genres and styles.


Solid… With Style

Packed with professional features, the HD75 combo is designed to be user-friendly and reliable for players of all levels. The combo offers Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble controls on its top-mounted amplifier panel, as well as a 7-band graphic EQ, allowing for easy adjustments. It features a full effects loop, as well as an 1/8″ stereo Aux input for playing along with your favorite tracks via an MP3 player and a 1⁄4″ headphone output for more intimate practice sessions. In addition, the HD75 has a built-in limiter to ensure constant amp operation at safe levels. Lastly, its solid enclosure is finished in a stylish fashion with a sleek, perforated metal grill and molded strap carry handle.

With the exceptional tone of HyDrive speakers housed in a durable, highly portable enclosure, Hartke’s HD75 Bass Combo is able to perform at levels far beyond ordinary bass combos.


Hartke HD75 Specification
• 75 watts of output power
• 12″ HyDrive paper and aluminum cone driver
• 1″ tweeter
• Top-mounted amplifier with Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble controls
• 7-band graphic EQ
• Dual 1⁄4″ input for active and passive bass guitars
• 1/8″ stereo Aux input for stereo line level devices (MP3 players, drum machines, keyboards, etc.)
• 1⁄4″ headphone output
• Built-in limiter
• Effects loop
• Perforated metal grill
• Molded strap carry handle



Weight 21.80 kg
Dimensions 50.60 × 47.20 × 35.30 cm

Solid State

Number of Channels:


Total Power:



1 x 12" Hydrive speaker, 1" tweeter


3-band EQ, 7-band Graphic EQ


1 x 1/4" (instrument), 1 x 1/8" (aux in)


1 x 1/4"

Effects Loop:


Power Source:

Standard IEC AC cable


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