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    Line 6 XD-V35L

    Line 6 XD-V35L

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    SKU: XD-V35L

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    Manufacturer: Line 6
    Warranty: 1 year
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    The XD-V35 Family



    For vocalists, performers and active spoken word presenters, the XD-V35 family sets new standards for reliability, ease of use and superior audio quality. Both the handheld and lavalier microphones feature exclusive and innovative digital technologies that work together to deliver sound so impressive that it will inspire great performances. The entire signal chain remains pristine, uncompressed and protected by DCL™ (Digital Channel Lock) technology.


    XD-V35 digital wireless handheld microphone system:

    is ideal for performing vocalists. The XD-V35 microphone’s signature sound is based on* the sonic characteristics of the industry standard Shure® SM58® mic, a live performance favorite renowned for its versatility and warm sound.  The system includes a premium microphone transmitter and a desktop receiver.

    All XD-V35 transmitter and receiver chassis are constructed of lightweight, heavy-duty polycarbonate for consistent performance night after night. A standard 1/4-inch input enables the use of third-party microphones.



    Four Spectacular Microphone Models for Handheld Systems



    For the performing vocalist, the XD-V35 handheld puts the power of cutting-edge microphone modeling in the palm of your hand. With a spectacular model based on* the one of the world’s most popular live sound mics – the Shure® SM58® – XD-V35 delivers rich, full tone with the added clarity of award-winning Line 6 digital wireless technology.

    *All product names used herein are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with Line 6. These trademarks of other manufacturers are used solely to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during Line 6’s sound model development. Shure, SM58 and Beta 58A are registered trademarks of Shure Incorporated. Sennheiser is a reregistered trademark of Sennheiser Electronic GmbH Co. KG AKG is a registered trademark of AKG Acoustic GmbH. Audio-Technica is a registered trademark of Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-Technica DBA Audio-Technica Corporation. Audix is a registered trademark of Audix Corporation. Electro-Voice is a registered trademark of Bosch Security Systems, Inc.



    Full-frequency, Uncompressed 24-bit Audio

    Every performer knows that you sound your best when you can perform with confidence. The unique versatility and reliability of XD-V35 systems ensure a confident performance every time you hit the stage.

    Featuring 24-bit precision for a full frequency response of 10Hz to 20kHz and a wide dynamic range of up to 118dB (A weighted), XD-V35 digital wireless signals are so clear and strong that they sound and perform as if you’re using a wired microphone.

    Unlike analog wireless systems, XD-V35 digital wireless systems never use signal companding to compress and expand the signal, so you always have full dynamic range. XD-V wireless systems allow you to convey every nuance of your performance to the audience in the most natural way, and with crystal clarity.

    In the audio world, "compander" is a dirty word. Companders compress and expand wireless signals, which ultimately compromises clarity and makes the voice sound flat and dull. Line 6 digital wireless systems always feature compander-free designs so our sound quality is rich, full and natural.




    2.4GHz Broadcast — License Free, Worldwide

    You may have noticed that some wireless microphones come with FCC warning labels. Line 6 digital wireless systems, including XD-V35, don’t  need "FCC Consumer Alert" stickers because they are fully FCC compliant. XD-V digital wireless operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band, which avoids interference due to TV broadcasts, white space devices, cell phone towers and other transmitting devices. XD-V35 systems ensure peace of mind and the most reliable operation worldwide, from Hollywood to Tokyo.

    Worried about interference caused Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® devices that operate in the 2.4GHz ISM band? XD-V35 digital wireless systems use uniquely addressed and encoded digital transmission technology so your signal will travel from your transmitter to your receiver free of interference.



    Advanced Audio Protection

    Line 6 digital wireless systems use exclusive digital technologies to protect their signals from interference that can wreak havoc on analog wireless systems. Encoded DCL™ (Digital Channel Lock) technology prevents interference from other 2.4GHz devices and ensures the highest signal integrity.



    Fourth-generation Digital Wireless Technology

    Since its debut, Line 6 digital wireless technology has racked up awards and proven that analog wireless technology is no longer the only option. Now in its fourth generation, Line 6 digital wireless technology is the most mature in the market and continues to set standards in simplicity and performance.



    One-step Setup

    Like all Line 6 digital wireless systems, XD-V35 systems are incredibly easy to set up. Simply pick any of the six always-available channels and the transmitter and receiver lock together – job done.



    Consistent Signal Integrity up to 275 Feet

    At ten feet away or at the full extent their range, XD-V35 digital wireless systems delivers the same, consistent, dependable signal quality. Unlike analog wireless systems, there’s no increased risk of interference or degradation in signal as you move further from the receiver. You can perform with full confidence, right up to the range limits of your XD-V35 system.



    Mix, Match and Use up to 12 Simultaneous Systems

    Ideal for solo performers through full bands with multiple vocalists, XD-V35 systems allow for up to six XD-V35 systems to be used simultaneously. Simply set each system to a different channel and you’re ready to go, free of cross-channel interference between performers.

    Designed for applications where you need to interchange different types of mics, the XD-V35 family supports handhelds, lavaliers, headsets and instruments all within the same digital wireless system. Because both models in the XD-V35 family have the same digital wireless receiver, mixing and matching is now a one-step setup process.



    Battery and Signal Status

    XD-V35 systems clearly display essential system status on the transmitter and receiver units. The handheld transmitter clearly shows selected channel, and includes buttons for channel select and power. The bodypack transmitter displays signal and battery status, and features a channel select switch that lays flush with the chassis in a beveled divot to ensure comfort in your hand. The receiver features easy-to-read LEDs for quick reads of your battery and signal status, and a textured channel select dial instant channel selection.



    Solid Construction

    Each XD-V35 system is built for rock-solid performance night after night. Tough-yet-lightweight polycarbonate makes the handheld transmitters, bodypack transmitters and desktop receiver extra reliable without compromising the system's portability.

    All XD-V35 systems include transmitter, desktop receiver and two AA batteries.



    Complete Features:

    • 275-foot range
    • Six channels – use up to six systems simultaneously
    • Line 6 microphone modeling (handheld systems) or EQ filter modeling (Lavalier, Headset, TR)
    • Polycarbonate desktop chassis – compact, lightweight and portable


    Lavalier System Features:

    • Condenser microphone with cardioid polar pattern 
    • Discreet clothing attachment for clear, natural and noiseless operation

    Body Pack Features:

    • Robust polycarbonate body – rugged and road-ready 
    • Standard ¼” input for simple connectivity
    • Channel selector for easy selection of transmission channel
    • Battery LED shows battery condition
    • Power LED to indicate power on/off status


    * Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.