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      Korg LP-180
      Labels: icon_new 
      88-key digital piano
      RM 2905.00 2614.50
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      Korg tinyPIANO
      Labels: icon_new 
      25 Keys tinyPIANO
      RM 765.00
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      Korg LP-380
      Korg Digital Piano
      RM 3805.00 3424.50
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      Korg SP-280
      88 key stage piano
      RM 2945.00 2650.50
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      Korg SP-170DX
      88 key digital piano
      RM2,555.00   2,299.50
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      Korg LP-350
      Promotion - 20% Off
      Labels: Promotion - 20% Off 
      88 key digital piano
      RM 3665.00 2932.00
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      Korg SV-1 (Black)
      Labels: icon_new-topseller 
      Stage vintage piano
      RM 5580.00 5022.00
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      Korg MicroPiano
      Mini digital piano
      RM 1110.00 999.00
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