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    Our story began in 1988.


    Music, Passion, & Technology

    The CK Music Story began in 1988 when we first set up our retail cum distribution centre at KL Plaza, in Kuala Lumpur. Our main business and product focus then was the distribution of Casio home entertainment keyboards which lasted for almost 10 years.

    Life was pretty much simple then but we already saw the necessity to move out of traditional concepts of musical instruments, and bring in new ideas and technology to music making. The marriage of innovative idea and cutting edge technology is the key to the future of musical instruments and equipment. Music technology has opened up a whole new world of sonic possibilities and versatility without having to blow a big hole in your pocket.

    Our first digital revolution in musical gear was the introduction of multi-effects processers for guitarists and bassists in the early 90s' from leading Japanese technology innovator, Zoom. Guitarists' dreams of having tonal versatility and variety is finally materialised with affordability.

    At about the same time, we brought in another music technology giant from Japan, Korg, which offers a wide range of unique and powerful products ranging from keyboards, digital pianos, guitar effects processors, digital recorders, DJ equipment, tuners & metronomes and a whole lot more.

    Together with Korg, came along its subsidiary division focusing on guitar products, Vox Amplification, a unique blend of British heritage with a history of over 50 years with cutting edge technology from Korg's R&D.

    Around the late 90s', we raised the bar of the guitar market by introducing another innovator in guitar technology from the USA, Line 6, a pioneer in modeling technology offering new sonic possibilities in recording, amplification and signal processing for guitarists and bassists.

    At the same time, we moved into the Professional Audio market, offering high performance sounds systems yet at affordable value from Wharfedale Pro, a very established British speaker manufacturer with over 75 years of experience in the Hi-Fi market.

    We have not forgotten the roots of traditional musical instruments especially acoustic guitars. American acoustic guitar innovator with over 40 years of musical history, Ovation Guitars finally landed into Malaysia in 2003. Plug in the original round back guitars from Ovation and hear the difference.

    Under the same parent company of Ovation guitars, we also introduced another American electric and bass guitar maker, Hamer Guitars that offers exceptional build quality without the huge price tags.

    Of course we did not forget about beginner guitarists. After searching around for many year, we finally found a network of reliable OEM (original equipment manufacturer) guitar companies from Asia that build truly affordable guitars and of exceptional quality. Have a go at our in-house branded Custom Acoustic solid top guitars and Craftsman electric and bass guitars.

    After focusing so much on the guitarists, we definitely do not want to leave out the bassists. We saw the market opportunity for professional bass amplification systems at affordable value and thus brought in Hartke from the USA. The products speak for themselves.

    We realised the need to cater to the boutique market of guitar amplification and thus introduced Bogner Amplification from the USA which offers high end full-valve guitar amps in a totally modern approach.

    Recently, we were really lucky to chance upon another unique American company that offers premium casing for guitarists, bassists, Djs and drummers. Mono Cases offer exceptional protection for your precious and valued instruments, with clever functional design and truly durable.

    Our passion for excellence and commitment to offering high quality musical instruments at great value has attracted many repeat and new customers. Customer service and satifcations is also our top priority whereby we place heavy emphasis on after sales support. Our customers pay good money for our products and we feel that it doesn't make sense if they could not make full use of the products and get the most out of it.

    Do spend some time visiting our webstore or dropping by our retail shop to check out many other great products. Our friendly staff will assist you in sorting out the specs and benefits of the latest equipment to provide total solutions to your audio and recording challenges.

    We strongly believe in this combination of unique strengths that leaves CK Music well-equipped to take on the enviable challenges of continued growth.

    For more information on where to find us, please visit our contact page.

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